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Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant

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Prayer Plant 


Maranta leuconeura var. leuconeura 'Fascinator' The prayer plant is a gorgeous option for the home as it’s soft, elegant leaves have lovely patterns in deep red, green and yellow that give continual interest in any position. It was given its name because the leaves tend to fold their leaves up at night. 

 12cm pot

Light conditions: enjoys bright but indirectlight. 
Neediness: although super easy to care for (an ideal beginners plant!) Prayer Plants love a little TLC and will always benefit from regular misting using warm water and soil kept moist. 
Watering: regular watering during the summer months and when soil feels dry, less frequent during winter months.
Ideal location: bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and studies
Rate of growth: average, unlikely to grow quickly 
Temperature: ideally above 15°C, this plant also enjoys a humid environment but doesn't need one to thrive.
Pets: this plant is safe around pets
Also known as: Maranta Leuconeura


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