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Alocasia Zebrina

Alocasia Zebrina

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Alocasia Zebrina

This plant is a native to Southeast Asia. The Alocasia Zebrina is an absolute stunner with gorgeous dark green arrow shaped leaves and a unique black and white striped stem. This plant could be described as needy, in winter months they can go into hibernation, meaning its leaves might die, only to return in abundance in the spring.

14cm Pot 

Light conditions position in a spot with indirect, bright light but never in the direct sunlight or dimly lit spaces.
Neediness: intolerant of being mis-treated, pay close attention to its needs.
Watering: throughout the warmer months keep the soil moist (not soggy) and mist regularly.
Ideal location: bathrooms, kitchens (suitable in living rooms or bedrooms if grouped with other plants to increase humidity).
Rate of growth: Can reach 1m tall but slowly!
Temperature: avoid cold draughts, this plant enjoys a humid environment. Ideally keep above 18c.
Pets: this plant is toxic to cats and dogs.

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