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Venturing into the psychedelic

I have never grown Dahlias before but absolutely love their showy, multi coloured blooms and think they really add impact to floral arrangements. They are an absolute must for my cut flower bed and I’m going to grow then on my allotment to. I think because of their extravagant appearence I assumed they might be high maintenance or difficult to grow. I have since been told that they are actually pretty easy to grow and that they really reward you if you take care of them. Slugs apparently love them and yes you do have to lift them in the Autumn but I’m happy to do this especially as you can take shoot cuttings from the dried tubers, so one tuber the following spring can produce multiple dahlia plants!

Dahlia ‘My Love’

I planted some of my tubers in trays and some of them in pots. I want to see which technique is best to propagate the shoots so watch this space…

I have chosen different Dahlias that are good for cutting. I read that the Karma variety are particularly good for cutting as some Dahlias last longer in a vase than others. Here are some of my favourites

Dahlia ‘Sun Explosion’
Dahlia ‘Cafe au Lait’
Dahlia ‘Karma Choc’

I can’t wait to see how they get on and I’m looking forward to my first year growing these beauties.

5 thoughts on “Venturing into the psychedelic

  1. Beauties! I love them! I have grown them from seed in the past and they have lasted several years without ever being lifted. They fill the garden with colour long into the autumn. Inspired by you, I ventured into the greenhouse yesterday ( my favorite place with a good radio 4 programme!) and sowed sweet peas, dahlias, penstemon and various mysterious seeds I gathered from wonderful seed heads last autumn from the garden but didn’t label very carefully so possibly: Love in the mist, Alium, Agapanthus ?? It will be fun finding out. I’m following your lead now so don’t stop !

    1. What a lovely comment thank you! So pleased my ramblings are being appreciated and how lovely that we are now both growing together. Sounds like a very pretty mix of seeds you’ve now got going in the greenhouse. I’ve made a start by sowing a variety of half hardy annuals and some poppy’s and finding it really rewarding so far so will definitely keep going! It’s also really interesting to know you didn’t lift your Dahlias…. I’m all for keeping things simple so might try leaving a few in the ground to see what happens (plus I will probably forget where I plant them) so nice to know you are enjoying the blog ☺

  2. I love dahlias but sadly they are rather tasty to my garden snails… Many thanks for the follow.😊

  3. I love these! I grew them in the garden in my old house. I didn’t have space for a greenhouse in the garden so I had an electric propagator in the shed and things would graduate from there to my kitchen windowsill and then out to the cold shed before being put in the garden. I always had a little factory of things on the go. I used to grow lots of things but haven’t grown anything for the last 2 years since I moved to this house. I too am feeling inspired by you and will be tentatively dipping my fingers in the green again this year! I used to love making up pots and baskets for other people- such a personal gift. My all time favourite are Peonies. I had a beautiful Peony bush that I successfully split. They really brighten up beds and don’t really require any looking after other than cutting right back in the autum. The only thing I found was that they are really delicate once in full bloom and you can loose the whole lot across the garden on a windy day but if you are planning on having lots of cut flowers indoors these would be perfect.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. It is so nice to think the blog is reaching people. It sounds like you must of had such a beautiful garden, it would be a shame for you to not put all your passion and energy into your new garden. Wishing you well and all the best with any green plans or prospects. I adore peonies and have two plants growing (skowly) in the greenhouse. I don’t think they will flower this year but yes I don’t think the garden would be complete without them even if there beauty can be a bit fleeting! Take care.

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