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Building a garden on a budget

I knew when we bought the house (and garden!) it would take a lot of time and money to get it up together but unfortunately we don’t have bottomless pockets of money so we try to think of ways to get the garden we want but without spending lots of cash!

The other day Joe constructed this beauty in the back garden out of leftover timber from a building site.

img_2087Puzzle had claimed the spot underneath the bay tree as her own. She dug a huge hole which she would fill with what she considered to be treasure (mainly chewed up plant pots, odd gardening gloves and old tennis balls). I thought it would be nice to help shape the garden by giving the middle of the garden a bit of structure by adding a raised bed. The bay tree looked a bit isolated on its own so I wanted to add low level plants to add a bit of interest in this area.

The raised beds will contain Heather and Hebe’s

When we left our old house I took a few plants with me. This wasn’t just a way of saving money our last garden was a small shady courtyard in Bristol and it was where I started getting into gardening. I filled it with as many pretty things as possible, I experimented a lot with various seeds and bulbs and I really started to love growing flowers. Understandably there were a few plants that I felt rather sentimental about and luckily they seem to have survived the move.

img_2090They are actually doing really well and the poppies have all propagated nicely. I’ve put the smallest in my newly made cold frame so they have a bit of protection whilst they grow. The cold frame again was made out recycled timber and our old shower screen that we removed from the bathroom. It works perfectly and doesn’t look bad either. The whole build cost ten pounds which was spent on nails.

IMG_2089.JPGAll my window sills are crammed with seed trays right now so I think I’m going to be filling it up in no time.

2 thoughts on “Building a garden on a budget

  1. Hello, I’m new here! I’m excited for the weather to turn nice for me so I can start a garden in my new house as well! Your post has inspired me and gotten me excited to plan out an entirely new garden. Good luck with the rest of it ❤️

    1. This is wonderful news! So glad you like the blog and you are feeling excited about making new plans and growing this year. It’s so much fun to be starting from scratch and fingers crossed we’ll both be rewarded with lovely new gardens by this time next year. I look forward to seeing how you get on. Good luck!

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