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Garden update-the journey so far!

A new year and and a new start for our back garden. When we moved into our new home we franticly focused on turning the inside of the house into a liveable space.  It seemed like a good idea to start on the garden at the beginning of a new year as a way of really marking and tracking the progress of the garden through the different seasons planting and growing as the garden takes shape.

Back Garden Summer 2016

When I first viewed our new back garden it was a beautiful summers day. We were viewing the property and for me one of the biggest selling points was the opportunity to have a south facing garden. The space was a rather unkempt blank canvas and this also excited me. I knew like the house it would need a lot of work but the challenge of being able to plan and design a garden from scratch was one I wanted to take on. I could see the potential the garden had to offer and what better way to improve my gardening know how than starting at the very beginning!

Not a flower insight!

The strongest feature in the garden is the apple tree which I love! I have since cooked the apples from the tree and they make a mean apple pie.

The Branch family handprints – set in stone

We haven’t done anything to the garden until now. After settling on a plan, we dug the flower beds and put down horse manure compost to help enrich the soil before planting. Joe also rendered the back wall so it has a nicer texture and looks much smarter!

Note the emergency planting of 2016’s Christmas tree!

This flower bed forms a shady semi circle at the end of the garden. I have chosen evergreen climbers that will grow on a north facing wall including a honeysuckle called ‘Mint Crisp’ which has lovely verigated leaves and the hydrangea’s ‘Seemannii’ and ‘ Pileostegia Viburnoides’. I also wanted a shade tolerating rose for the bed and found out that ‘Rosa Madame Alfred Carrier’should do ok on this aspect and will hopefully integrate nicely with the other climbers (so long as I keep them in order as the hydrangeas can get pretty huge!).

Honeysuckle ‘Mint Crisp’

In trying to create some sort of order in the  back garden and by digging the flower beds we have been left with what looks like the aftermath of a small muddy festival in the back garden. Despite this I still think it looks better with some deffinition and it’s nice to be able to imagine how the garden will look this time next year!

February 2017

Some of the other climbers I have chosen to grow along the fences are a mixture of clematis, roses and honeysuckle including ‘Rosa New Dawn’ and ‘Rosa Iceberg’ which will not only help to cover the fence but are good rose varieties to mix with cut flowers. When it came to clematis again I wanted good coverage but also pretty flowers. I chose ‘Elizabeth’ and a freckled clematis ‘Cirrhosa var Balearica’ which I think will look beautiful mixed in with the soft palette of the climbing roses. So we had made a good start and I’m looking forward to getting all the plants in the garden soon. I’ve also started sowing some of my half hardy annuals to propagate inside as well as potting root cuttings for the greenhouse. I want to get as much done now as I think things are going to be pretty hectic once things start taking off and I have seeds and soil coming out of my ears.

Clematis Cirrhosa Var Balearica

2 thoughts on “Garden update-the journey so far!

  1. Looks like you have a great plot there- flat, south facing and a neat & tidy blank canvas. You’ve made a great start!

    1. Thanks so much! It’s so exciting to be starting from scratch. A major bonus is the soil seems to be really healthy – lots and lots of worms which is a relief as I’m so new to all this, it’s one less thing to combat!

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